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Ted Lasso (2020-present) TV Drinking Game. Down a Shot: each time Ted Lasso flaunts his handmade biscuits (cookies, for the American crowd), his positivity, and charisma. You'll be drunk in no time on his charm alone! By: Vidal D'costa (A Toast) - Ted Lasso, a positively positive soccer coach from the States, finds himself tasked with coaching a team on the other side of the pond as well.

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Welcome to Let's Play A Drinking Game - home of fun and original drinking games for movies, TV shows, video games, card games, and more! We also write about all things alcohol, barware, movies, and TV over on our blog. Grab a drink and come find your favorite new drinking game! View Drinking Game By Category.

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Girls. 15. Supernatural. 16. The Mustache Game. 17. Mad Men. TV show drinking games mean the fun doesn't have to end when you leave the bar you know, you can continue all the fun at home and incorporate it into the usually sedate activity of watching a television show with these handy drinking games. Lets face it, TV is fun and drinking is fun.

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Turn your favorite television show into a festive event with friends As we head inside for Fall weather and spend more time in front of the TV, you can keep the YOLO spirit flowing with these fun TV show drinking games. We took a few of our favorite popular shows and broke them into a […]

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The Hangover (2009) The movie: A group of pals on a ker-azy stag party (Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms) wake up in Vegas the next morning, but can't remember anything about the.

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Drink Up provides drinking games for any show or any movie. Select a variety of games from our community created games or add your own using our AI. Drink, the best place for curated drinking games. DrinkUp! βeta. Movies Shows Get Started SignIn. 🤖 Use Our Ai to create any game.

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It Follows, The Boondock Saints, and more: The 12 best movie drinking games to play while watching the films Spice up movie night with fun drinking games. There was a time when great TV was.

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Rules that always apply. " Wait, did that count? " Yes it did. If you question a rule, it counts. Oh you " just drank. " Too bad. Rules are rules, drink again. Over 1200 easy to follow Drinking Games for movies, television, video games, politics, and more. Games created and tested by two Canadians.

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TV Drinking Games, also known as Show Drinking Games, refers to a series of fan-made drinking games with specific cues based on in-jokes, character attributes, catchphrases, tropes or other distinct characteristics of a television show or broadcast event. The fan-created rules of each game differ and are meant to be read as a series of jokes about the show. Often combined with some sort of.

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Browse Our TV Show Drinking Games. People love their television shows, and people love their alcohol, so the fact that the two go together so well isn't much of a surprise. For the most part we tend to sip our drinks while we sit in front of the TV, but if you've got the yearning to take it to that next level, we've got an extensive list of TV.

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The site boasts 339 drinking games total including games made for TV shows and movies and others created to play along with actual games such as cards against humanity (genius or, genius?) and.

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Drinking Games. With custom 'Drink When' rules for every show, reality TV viewing parties just got way more fun.

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Now comes the time to pour a drink, sit back on the couch, and try the next 5 TV drinking games below that you may either love, come to regret, or both. Coming up, the best tv show drinking games! #1 The Walking Dead TV Drinking Game Instructions The Series. The Walking Dead is a series about people struggling to survive in the zombie apocalypse.

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Drinking Games for all kinds of TV Series. Whether you're in the mood for a sitcom, reality, mysteries, whatever - we've got a ton of TV show drinking games to check out! Here are drinking rules for over 50 TV series - and we're always adding more. User Favorites: Comedy: Schitt's Creek; Animated Comedy: Futurama

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Movie/TV Show Drinking Games Harry Potter. The Harry Potter drinking game plays with two rules. For every series of the book/movie, there are new rules. The movie is played, and the players sit around together. Everybody has their drinks with them. The rules for drinking up and chugging are as follows: Drinking: A close up of Harry's scar.


Read on to learn how to enjoy some fun drinking games with TV shows you know and love. Option #1. Breaking Bad. Where to watch: Netflix. Best alcohol for the game: Blue Kamikaze (1/2 shot vodka, ½ shot Curacao, ½ oz lime juice) Sample Rules. Take just a sip every time Skyler is shown drinking or smoking.