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Ingredients: 2 cup spinach. 4 eggs (can also use egg whites) Seasonings of choice. Directions: In a blender, add your spinach,eggs and blend. You want to make sure these ingredients blend fully. Using a large pan, spray avocado oil so nothing sticks. Cook your wraps like crepes, for 2-3 minutes on each side.

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How to Make a Spinach, Feta, and Egg Wrap at Home. Spread sun-dried tomato cream cheese on the tortilla. This way the tortilla is ready to go when you make the filling. Prep the eggs. Whisk the eggs, or the egg whites, with the seasonings and set aside. Cook the tomatoes and spinach. Heat a little olive oil in a pan.

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Set a non-stick pan over medium heat. Add the oil to the pan and once hot, add the chopped pepper and spinach and a pinch of salt and cook until just wilted, about 1-2 minutes. Remove mixture from pan and place on the tortilla. In a bowl, whisk the eggs with the milk, then pour into non-stick pan and cook for one minute.

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Sprinkle in a little sea salt and ground pepper while cooking. Prep wraps - Warm up the tortilla for a few seconds in the microwave or oven and spread on a layer of hummus. Place the egg scramble in the center of the tortilla, top with sun-dried tomatoes and feta. Sprinkle a little more salt and pepper as well as hot sauce if using.

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Cook Time: 10 mins. Total Time: 20 mins. Stop what you're doing and make these high protein, egg cottage cheese and spinach wraps. Made from three simple ingredients, these wraps are perfect for breakfast, lunch or any meal really. Simply combine the three ingredients in a blender and buzz until smooth. Heat a non-stick skillet and lightly.

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Directions. Heat a pan with a little olive oil on medium heat and cook the spinach for 3-4 minutes until its wilted. Whisk the eggs and add them to the pan with the spices and feta cheese. Scramble the eggs and cook on medium/low for about 7-10 minutes until the eggs are cooked through. Assemble your breakfast wraps with a layer of pesto spread.

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How to make a delicious breakfast wrap. Step 1: Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat. Add the oil and spread it fully around the pan. Step 2: Add the spinach, egg, chickpea flour, and salt into a small blender and blend until smooth (about 15-20 seconds). Step 3: Pour the blended batter in and swirl around the pan.

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While the egg is cooking, spread wrap with cream cheese. On top of cream cheese, layer on spinach and then feta. Once egg is cooked, place on top of feta cheese. Wrap tightly into a roll. If desired, return to dry pan (medium heat) to crisp outside of wrap. Start seam side down and flip after 2-3 minutes or until golden brown on each side.

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In a blender, combine the eggs and spinach, along with any optional ingredients like salt, pepper, or parsley. Grease a crepe pan and pour the egg and spinach mixture onto it. Cook the wrap on low to medium heat for approximately 10 minutes or until it appears cooked throughout. Carefully flip the wrap to cook the other side.

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Instructions. PREP: Spray a nonstick 10-inch skillet with cooking spray and put over medium heat. In a small bowl, whisk the egg whites and pesto with a fork until combined. Season with salt and pepper. EGG WHITES: Pour egg white mixture into the skillet and stir in the chopped spinach.


Add spinach and cook, stirring, until wilted, about 3 minutes. Whisk together eggs and egg whites in a mixing bowl. Add mixture to skillet and cook until eggs are cooked through. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Place egg mixture in the center of each tortilla, and sprinkle with cheese. Fold in half and serve warm.

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Liberally mist a 10-inch skillet with oil spray and warm over medium heat. Add spinach to pan and cook until wilted, about 2 minutes. Evenly distribute the cooked spinach on bottom of pan. Pour eggs over spinach and tilt the pan so the eggs spread out and cover the entire pan's surface. Sprinkle on a pinch of salt and pepper (and any.

Egg Wrap Recipe (with Turkey and Avocado) Cooking Classy

Instructions. In a large skillet or wok, cook the spinach and mushrooms for 5 minutes in the olive oil at low heat. (If using frozen, cook for 5-10 minutes longer.) In a bowl, mix the greek yogurt in with the salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, and lemon juice. Once the spinach and mushrooms are cooked, crack open the eggs and fold into the skillet.

EGG & SPINACH WRAP in 2020 Cheap healthy meals, Healthy snacks, Recipes

1/2 cup julienne sun-dried tomatoes. Avocado oil for cooking. Instructions. In a bowl, crack one whole egg and add two egg whites. Give them a quick whisk to create a smooth, creamy mixture. Toss a generous handful of spinach into the egg mixture. Next, you'll need a small omelet pan.

Spinach and Feta Egg White Wraps A Kitchen Addiction

Generously grease a non-stick skillet or pan and place over medium heat. Once hot, pour half the egg mixture in. Move the pan around so it reaches the perimeter. Cook the egg mixture for 2-3 minutes, or until the edges begin to bubble. Using a rubber spatula, carefully flip the wrap.

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Spinach Feta Egg Wrap Recipe makes 1 wrap. Heat your oven or toaster oven to 350°F. On a sheet of tin foil, drizzle the tomatoes with a touch of oil and season liberally with salt and pepper. Fold the tin foil around the tomatoes like an envelope. Bake for 20-30 minutes. In a small sauce pan, scrabble the egg whites.