Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper 750ml Beer, Wine and Liquor

Southern Comfort and Dr. Pepper Occasional Cocktails

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Southern Comfort Pepper Spirits

This great Dr. Comfort recipe is made with Southern Comfort, Dr Pepper. Menu. Drinks. By Category By Ingredient Top. Columns Reviews and Interviews. Search; Home. Drinks. Dr. Comfort. Dr. Comfort. Drink Type: Cocktail Ingredients. 1 oz. Southern Comfort; Dr Pepper; Instructions. Pour Southern Comfort over ice in a highball glass. Fill.


As you can probably guess from the name, this drink combines Dr. Pepper and Southern Comfort. Hence, the name. It's a relatively robust, whiskey-forward drink with a sweet Dr. Pepper twist. I think it's like Dr. Pepper's answer to the Crown and Coke. It burns a little going down, and definitely tastes like alcohol.

Dr. Pepper & Southern Comfort😁 Merry Christmas! r/DrPepper

Dr. Pepper - Dr. Pepper is a great option for those who want a soda that is a little bit different. It's a little bit sweeter than Mountain Dew, but it still has a great flavor that pairs well with Southern Comfort. Cola Combinations with Southern Comfort. When it comes to Southern Comfort, there are a lot of different ways that you can.

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southern comfort, dr pepper Add one shot of Southern Comfort and a splash of Dr. Pepper in a shot glass. Drink Information: Category: Punch / Party Drink Alcohol: Alcoholic Serve in: Unknown glass type Rating: 7.6 - 8 votes.

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Pour Southern Comfort in mason jar, fill with Dr. Pepper, chill with ice, and throw a party! Cocktails. Whiskey Cocktails. Vodka Cocktails. Gin Cocktails. Rum Cocktails. Tequila Cocktails. Mezcal Cocktails. Brandy Cocktails.

Southern Comfort and Dr. Pepper Occasional Cocktails

By Richard / October 31, 2011 / Other Spirits, Review / Stands Out. Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper. 35% ABV/70 proof. $16.99 for 750 ml. What the Distillery Says: Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper is a devilishly spicy Cajun concoction that turns up the heat of the pursuit of pleasure. Genuine whiskey and the premium flavors of Southern Comfort get.

Southern Comfort and Dr. Pepper Occasional Cocktails

4-5 oz of dr. pepper soda (or Dr Pepper) 1 1/2-2 oz of southern comfort peach liqueur (or peach liqueur) Pour the Southern Comfort into a highball glass filled with crushed ice. Fill with Dr. Pepper, and serve.

Southern drink takes me back in time like this does

Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper (35%, 70 proof $12) is amber red in color and smells a lot like a Tabasco candy with the peppers backed by cotton candy and bubble gum. The nose just isn't all that inviting and there's an artificiality to both the pepper and sweet notes. The entry is fairly true to the nose with a big hit of both Tabasco and.

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A southern comfort and Dr pepper cocktail is sometimes known as a Dr Comfort, a Dr SoCo, or a Southern doctor. This easy two ingredient highball is a fizzy, sweet and slightly spicy drink that is super easy to sip. Southern comfort is a gold-ish colored liqueur. It's base spirit is whiskey. This liqueur is sometimes called SoCo.

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4. Red Halloween Hot-Shot Drinks with Southern Comfort. Combine 1 oz Southern Comfort with ½ oz Tabasco pepper sauce and a dash of lime cordial. Gulp down. Southern Comfort Halloween Hot Shots. 5. Sweet-n-Sour SoCo Drink with Whiskey. Shake together ½ oz Southern Comfort, ¾ oz blended Scotch whiskey, ¼ oz Mandarin Orange Liqueur, 1 oz of.

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Instructions. Add Southern Comfort to a mason jar filled with ice. Fill with Dr. Pepper. Stir and serve. Nutrition Information: Amount Per Serving: Calories: 286 Total Fat: 0g Saturated Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 7mg Fiber: 0g Sugar: 30g Protein: 0g.

Southern Comfort Pepper / 35 / 1,0l Dom Whisky

A exquisite one minute quick recipe for Southern Doctor, with Southern Comfort peach liqueur and Dr. Pepper soda. Ingredients3 oz Southern Comfort® peach liqueur fill with Dr. Pepper® soda MethodPour Southern Comfort in mason jar, fill with Dr. Pepper, chill with ice, and throw a party!Nutrition(per 16 oz serving) Calories (kcal)Energy (kj)FatsCarbohydratesProtein 35815010.4 g49.6 g0


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Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper 750ml Beer, Wine and Liquor

3 oz Southern Comfort (Fill to Top) Dr. Pepper; Southern Doctor Instructions. Pour Southern Comfort in mason jar, fill with Dr. Pepper, chill with ice, and throw a party! Best served in a Mason Jar..

Southern Comfort and Dr. Pepper Occasional Cocktails

Made with 23 different flavors (of which many remain a mystery to us), Dr Pepper was founded in 1885 in Waco, Texas, officially making it the nation's oldest major soft drink. Yes, even older than Coke. According to the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, the owner of Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store, Wade B. Morrison, employed a pharmacist named.