Sarap!Gong Cha Wintermelon Tea!!!! ♥ Fruit jelly, Grass jelly

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364-542. Discover the delightful world of Gong cha bubble tea with our United States menu. Dive into a variety of tantalizing flavors and combinations, crafted to perfection. From classic milk teas to innovative fruit blends, our menu is a journey through the art of bubble tea.

Sarap!Gong Cha Wintermelon Tea!!!! ♥ Fruit jelly, Grass jelly

Gong Cha Tea and Pearls are changed out every 4 hours to ensure highest quality and taste in every glass of our premium tea beverages. Other in-store ingredients are also changed frequently based on product type and requirements to ensure peak freshness every time you enter our store. Every Gong Cha Tea location works tirelessly to provide.

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Medium. $4.25. Large. $4.75. Wintermelon with Fresh Milk at Gong Cha "I love gong cha's creme brûlée series but this location has never ever given me a good experience. They are always out of Creme Brulee so I guess I'll try the Marble Series, but they're out too! AND….

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4.0. Name: GC Milk Wintermelon. Recommended Sugar Level: N/A. Best with: Pearl (20 PHP) Price: 110 PHP (Large) 95 PHP (Regular) Review: No wonder why this is the # 1 bestseller drink of Gong Cha. It comes with frothed milk on the top and fresh winter melon tea which is so delightful! But unlike other drinks, you cannot adjust the level of.

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Options: Available in Regular and Large Suitable for a vegetarian diet Order Online Now → ← Go Back to Milk Tea Series Facebook Instagram TikTok

Milk Wintermelon by Gong Cha

1. Mango Green Tea. Mango lovers rejoice! Gong Cha's Mango Green Tea is a tropical paradise in a cup. The refreshing green tea base complements the sweet and tangy mango perfectly, making it a favorite among fruit tea enthusiasts. 2. Passionfruit QQ. For a burst of tropical flavors, try the Passionfruit QQ.

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364-542. Order Ahead for. In-Store Pickup Through Our Mobile App! Our Tea Menu Milk Foam Series Milk Tea Series Slush Series Creative Series Tea Latte Coffee Series Toppings Milk Foam Series Milk Foam Series M L Calories Green Tea $4.25 $5 190-270 Black Tea $4.25 $5 190-270 Oolong Tea $4.25 $5 190-270 Earl Grey Tea $4.25 $5 190-270 WINTERMELON.

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Options: Available in Regular and Large Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

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Place the pot on the stovetop, turn on the heat, and bring to a boil. Cover the pot, reduce the heat to a simmer, and cook until winter melon is completely transparent. This takes about 2 hours. Turn off the heat. Pass the pot content over a strainer. Strain and press as much liquid through the strainer as you can.

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Options: Available in Regular and Large Suitable for a vegetarian diet and suitable for a vegan diet (if swapping fresh milk for soy milk)

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Tea captivates our hearts, and invites us on an inspirational Journey. ORDER NOW ORDER VIA ALIPAY D STORE ORDER VIA GLIFE OUR BEST SELLERS Read more HS Milk Wintermelon Read more HS Milk Taro Read more HS Milk Chocolate Read more HS Matcha Milk Tea Read more HS Milk Milk Tea Read more Milk tea. Our Menu Read More »

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Gong Cha: Lemon Winter Melon Tea. The newly opened wing of the Alabang Town Center has given metro south a handful of new dining and drinking places for me to try. One of them is this tea place called Gong Cha - which never fails to move me into a PCD song whenever I see it. Gong Cha has over 100 outlets worldwide, from Taiwan where it.

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Gong cha is an international beverage franchise specializing in freshly prepared premium tea, bubble tea and coffee. With a successful business model and proven track record, it has opened over 2000 stores in 23 countries.

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So excited this Gong Cha has opened by my parents! The milk tea and boba is delicious - fresh and chewy. My main order is always the black milk tea, but the ginger milk tea is delicious also (made with real ginger - the drink will have ginger strings in it!), and the wintermelon is a refreshing option for summer days (plenty of those in Texas). Love that it is open late - definitely a great.

Milk Wintermelon by Gong Cha

2. Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Milk Tea Series) Gong Cha's Brown Sugar Milk tea will satisfy any sweet tooth. A blend of tea and milk infused with brown sugar, it has a milkshake-like quality. This drink won't win any nutrition awards, but it'll make a bad day better. Ask for the +Coffee version for a kick of caffeine.

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Dirty Brown Sugar Milk Tea (290 - 325 cal.) $ 6.75 $ 7.75 Creme Brulee Brown Sugar Milk Tea (364 - 542 cal.) $ 6.75 $ 7.75