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NUTRITION. Get all the facts. get nutrition pdf GET Allergen / Ingredients PDF. EXPLORE THE MENU. Dunkin' is committed to offering great-tasting food and beverages that meet many different dietary needs. Here you'll find the nutrition information you need to make the right choices for your lifestyle.


However, Dunkin' Donuts has switched this up and actually offers four sizes of hot drinks. It is important to note that the cup sizes for hot Dunkin' coffee are smaller than the cold drink offerings. If you are a hot coffee drinker, you have these options at Dunkin' Donuts: Small - 10 ounces. Medium - 14 ounces.

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However, the content in each cup size depends on whether you opt for a hot or cold brew. For Dunkin' iced coffee drinks, a large cup holds 32 ounces, a medium cup holds 24 ounces, and a small cup holds 16 ounces. For hot coffee drinks, an extra large cup has 24 ounces, a large cup has 20 ounces, a medium cup has 14 ounces, and a small cup has.

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Dunkin' Donuts cup sizes for cold drinks. Small (16 ounces): This small cup size has six more ounces than the small cup size for hot drinks. Medium (24 ounces): This option has the same size as the extra-large cup size for iced drinks. Large (32 Ounces): Get this option in the morning if you need coffee that will last at least until lunchtime.

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Dunkin' Brewed Coffee sizes are as follows: 150 mg in a small (10 fl oz). 210 milligrams in a medium (14 fl oz). 300 mg in a large (20 fl oz). 359 milligrams extra-large (24 fl oz). Prior to 2019, Dunkin' was known as Dunkin' Donuts. They altered the name to place more of an emphasis on coffee and less on donuts.

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What are the cup sizes at Dunkin' Donuts? Dunkin' Donuts' new cup sizes for hot drinks are small (12 oz), medium (14 oz), large (18 oz), and extra large (22 oz). The iced drink sizes are small (16 oz), medium (24 oz), and large (32 oz). The extra large cup is only for hot drinks as it's smaller than the large cup for cold drinks.

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May 1, 2023 by Egle Goleckyte. The Dunkin' Donuts cup size is relatively straightforward. They come in small, medium, large and extra large. The content of hot and cold drinks is different by cup size. Experience the rich flavors in sizes ranging from the sleek "Small" (10 oz / 295 ml) to the indulgent "Extra Large" (24 oz / 710 ml).

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The prices for the hot drinks range from $1.59 for a small cup to $2.29 for a large cup. When it comes to cold drinks, the sizes range from 16 oz to 32 oz, with the small cup being the smallest and the large cup being the largest. The prices for the cold drinks range from $2.49 for a small cup to $3.99 for a large cup.

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Dunkin Cup Sizes 2023. Here are the different hot Dunkin donuts coffee sizes: Small, 10 ounces. Medium, 14 ounces. Large, 20 ounces. Extra-Large, 24 ounces. Other coffee chains offer their customers a wider selection of cup sizes. Dunkin' Donuts, however, has changed that and offers only four Dunkin sizes of hot drinks.

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Small: 10oz . The small cup size at Dunkin' holds 10 ounces of liquid - so while it's the smallest size available, it's still larger than your standard 8-ounce drink. You can order virtually any drink on the menu in a size small, from brewed coffee and cappuccinos to iced macchiatos, Refreshers, and frozen drinks..

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ICED COFFEE. THE PERFECT PICK-ME-UP. Freshly brewed and full of flavor, our Iced Coffee gets you energized and ready to go. Let us come to you! Customization & Nutrition. See detailed nutrition, allergy, and ingredient information below. Size. S.

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Volume: Dunkin Donuts cup sizes vary in volume, with small cups typically holding around 10 ounces and extra-large cups holding around 24 ounces. Consider how much coffee you consume and choose a cup size that accommodates your desired amount. Price: Larger cup sizes generally come at a higher price.

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Dunkin' is one of the largest and most well-known coffee and donut chains in the world, with around 12,900 locations in 42 countries. Size specifications for Dunkin' Donuts cups are simple. They are available in a range of sizes, from small to extra-large. The volume of both hot and cold beverages varies with cup size.

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Small. 10 oz. Small, quick pick-me-ups, and those watching their caffeine intake. Medium. 14 oz. Those who want a bit more coffee than a small size offers or prefer a more concentrated flavor. Large. 20 oz. Those who need a serious caffeine boost, like to add cream and sugar, or share with a friend or colleague.

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Decoding Dunkin's Cup Sizes. Most Dunkin Donuts regulars are familiar with the common categories: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. In the world of hot beverages, these translate to 10oz, 14oz, 20oz, and 24oz respectively. But, when we dive into the realm of Dunkin's cold drinks, the measurements are distinctly different: Small correlates.